Secrets of the Dollar

20 Dollar Bank Note
A standard 2003 design 20 Dollar Bill / banknote
20 Dollars - First Fold
Horizontally fold the 20 Dollar Bill in half 
First Fold - Secrets...........Second Fold - Secrets.
Fold again at 45 degreesRepeat on opposite side.
Pentagon Burning............pentagon and photo
20 Dollar Note - Twin Towers ........ ..twin towers photo
The Pentagon and the World Trade Centre - What are the chances?
The President - The Third Target? Secrets of the Dollar
Perfectly central to the horizontal and the vertical as well as aligning with the 45 degree folds ... The cross hairs target the Oval Office of White House. Was this very nearly the 3rd Target?

The One Dollar Bil - Secrets of the Dollar
Every picture below depicts the use of the number 13

13 steps in the Pyramid - Secrets of the Dollar...13 Leaves and 13 Berries - Secrets of the Dollar...!3 Rattlesnake Bones - Secrets of the Dollar13 Stars - Secrets of the Dollar ..13 arrows - Secrets of the Dollar ..13 letters - Secrets of the Dollar

13 letters and 13 Folds - Secrets of the Dollar. .13 Stripes Secrets of the Dollar .13 Stars on the Chevron / Set Square

The Secret Watermarks on the One Dollar Bill

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