50 rare curiosities in the world ...

1. Women who have more children is a Ukrainian born. She was born 69 children, of whom only two had died during childbirth.
2. The worst child in the world was born in the year 1954 by Carmelina Italian Fdele from Aversa. Her son weighed on the day of birth 10.2 kg.
3. Beethoven before compose introduce head in the water.
Anjshtanji until the age of 9 years old did not speak normally.
4. The only monkey who has been sentenced by a court really is shimpanzeja Coco in Florida, in 1984. This monkey lived with an unemployed artist, which give small spectacles. The amount of stolen reach values ​​of 200 000 USD. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
5. The book that holds the record for the largest for sale is one of Hillary Clinton's memoir book "History of experiencing." In the first day of the commercialization of this book, in June 2003, was sold in a day (record) 200 000 copies of it.
6. Most frequent surname in the world in international rank is the surname Chang. About 75 million people in China have this surname. Second place surname Smith in England. About 800 000 people have this surname.
7. The biggest casino of the world is located in the MGM - HOTEL, in the metropolis of Las Vegas. In an area of ​​approximately 16 000 meter quad, there are almost 3500 different gaming machines and 165 game tables.
8. The largest library in the world is located in the American capital Washington. This library was built in the 24 April 1800. We are 107 million stories of all the arts.
9. The only elephant in the world that speaks a member of a Russian circus. This elephant can mean up to 20 keywords. Elephant that lived in VOGELI between people and has managed to articulate sounds of people.
10. Short man in the world is Gul Mohammed from India. After measurements made on 19 June 1990 in hospital "Rahm Manohar" in New Delphi (In), it was possible that he is only 57 cm and keeps up to date record.
11. As the little woman in the world to date is considered Pauline Musters, born on 26 November 1876 in the Netherlands. After her birth, she was only 30 cm. At the age of 9 years old, she was 55 cm and weighing only 1.5 kg, and at the age of 19 years, she was only 61 cm long.
12. State that consumes more bread in the world is Turkey. Calculations show that the average every person in the use of bread reaches 199.6 kg.
13. Numerous drinker in the world are in Ireland. Each person belongs to drink an average of 12.3 liter liquor, wine, beer, etc..
14. Smokers with numerous located in China. According to recent estimates, in China are sold 1.69 billion cigarettes (more than in any other country). Worldwide, sold 5.5 billion cigarettes.
15. Operation over the world took 96 hours in total. Launched on 4 until the 8th of February, 1951, in a Chicago hospital. Getrude Lewandowski patient after the operation had reduced her weight during these 96 hours, from 280 kg to 140 kg.
16. Record length for women keeps Zeng Jinlian from China. It is already dead, but the record has not been broken yet. It was 2 meter and 48 cm. (He died on 13 February 1982).
17. Record for women with heavy weight keeps Americans Rosalie Bradford. In January 1987, she reached the peak of its weight, 544 kg.
18. Young doctor in the world is Balamurali Ambati, who was born in America on 29 June 1977. He graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, May 19, 1995, at the age of 17 years.
19. Twins with severe in the world are brothers Billy Leon, (born in 1946 and died in 1979) with his brother Benny Lloyd, was born in 1946 and died in 2001. They weighed the age of 6 years, 337 kg man and another 328 kg.
20. The oldest mother in the world so far held Rossana Dalla Corte, who was born June 18, 1994, at the age of 63 years old, a boy.
21. According to recent studies, a male spends an average of 3350 hours during his life being saved shaved.
22. When you break a few glass pieces were distributed with a speed of 3000 miles per hour. While the speed of the others is many times smaller.
23. Large iceberg measured to date was 200 miles length and width of 60 miles, it has been an area larger than Belgium.
24. Awash with the largest recorded to date was in 1971 we island IShigaki, Japan, with the height of 85 m.
25. On a clear night, according to the American astrologer, everyone can see no less than about 2000 stars with the naked eye.
26. Only female mosquitoes bite, while male sex mosquitoes want to "been going" in polluted areas such as marshes, etc..
27. 1 kg lemon has more sugar than 1 kg strawberries. According to dietician, it is better to consume lemon squeezed in water.
28. State with more paved roads in the world is believed to be France. And this was recorded in the Guinness records.
29. An eagle can see its prey was 3000 meters away, while the horses can stay up to 1 month in the leg.
30. It is established that any person can not sneeze without closing your eyes. Scientists have done experiments on this and have concluded that it is impossible.
31. 20-year-old daughter's belly from Southern Devoni, England, was taken "ball" from the hair of her hair that had swallowed. He was seriously 2.5 kg. The operation was carried out in March 1985.
32. Modern computers are built based on the nervous system, but also the modern computer is not looms as a zvarritesi level.
33. A grown man breathing approximately 25 000 times a day. And about 27% of food in developed countries ends in garbage.
34. It is established that the possibility for the fallen lightning is 1 in 600,000. When that happens all people should not have iron things in his hands.
35. Honey can stay without breaking 3000 years and therefore wax honey used mumjazimit process.
36. Video games make children thick and aggressive, while excessive use of computer time schedule without damaging them nervous silence.
37. Household betray men virtually. They are satisfied with their physical activity and require the "friend" of spiritual pleasure internet.
38. Record of the marriage has broken a 85-year-old, who is married full 130 here. The event took place in Kenya, where Ancentus Akuku has claimed that he has had many can and to have a happy family dictatorship.
39. A U.S. spent a week in jail for three reasons his small children were burned by the sun during the holidays at the beach.
40. Construction of the White House in the United States began in 1792. In 1800 President and Mrs. John Adams was the first family that lived there.
41. Lots has been discovered to have effect to eradicate bacteria and protect the eyes from infections.
42. We found 100 human language to enjoy the reef types. We found eye 130 million visually cells.
43. Crocodile is the only animal that continues to be extended until the last day of existence, its centimeters vary from month to month.
44. Titanic is that the ship is regarded as the world's first giant ship. Capacity was 46,000 tons, with a length of 268 m and 53 m height. Can travel 1343 passengers.
45. During the song in the music world kept the Soviet anthem, composed of 65 verses. In May 1987, a Canadian moderator thought to increase the anthem, which within a few weeks the record reached 689 verses.
46. By a biliary operation that he was a patient in London, surgeons removed nearly 230,530 small stones from his gall of magnitude 1.5 to 15 millimeters.
47. The oldest brains in the world have been found by archaeologists in Torfmoor in Florida. Has found the brain of a 45-year-old who lived approximately 8000 years ago.
48. Long poem in the world was completed after 30 years of work by writer Jose 'Rumanzo from Ecuador. "Peru" consists of 7 volumes, 5000 pages total and 230 000 lines.
49. An ostrich's eye is bigger than his brain, while in cat brain has more than 32 muscles.
50. It is established that an adult bear can run as fast as a horse. And turtles can walk 10 km per hour

Ja silat jane ato:
1. Femra qe ka lindur me shume femije eshte nje ukrainase. Ajo ka lindur 69 femije, nga te cilet vetem dy i kishin vdekur gjate lindjes.
2. Femija me i rende ne bote eshte lindur ne vitin 1954 nga italiania Carmelina Fdele nga Aversa. Djali i saj peshonte diten e lindjes 10,2 kg.
3. Bethoveni para se te kompozonte fuste koken ne uje.
Anjshtanji deri ne moshen 9 vjeç nuk fliste normalisht.
4. I vetmi majmun qe eshte denuar nga nje gjykate e vertete eshte shimpanzeja Coco ne Florida, ne vitin 1984. Ky majmun jetonte me nje te papune artist, i cili jepte spektakle te vogla. Shuma e vjedhur arrinte vlerat 200 000 USD. Ai u denua me burgim te perjetshem.
5. Libri qe mban rekordin me te madh per shitje eshte ai i Hillary Klintonit, me librin autobiografi “Histori e perjetuar”. Ne diten e pare te hedhjes ne treg te ketij libri, ne qershor te vitit 2003, u shiten ne nje dite (rekord) 200 000 ekzemplare te tij.
6. Mbiemri me i shpeshte ne bote ne rangun internacional eshte mbiemri Chang. Rreth 75 milione njerez ne Kine kane kete mbiemer. Vendin e dyte e ka mbiemri Smith ne Angli. Rreth 800 000 veta e kane kete mbiemer.
7. Kazinoja me e madhe e botes gjendet ne MGM – HOTEL, ne metropolin e Las Vegasit. Ne nje siperfaqe afersisht 16 000 kuadrat meter, gjenden pothuajse 3500 automate te lojerave te ndryshme dhe 165 tavolina loje.
8. Biblioteka me e madhe ne bote gjendet ne kryeqytetin amerikan Uashington. Kjo biblioteke u ndertua ne 24 Prill 1800. Ne te gjenden 107 milione shkrime te te gjitha arteve.
9. I vetmi elefant ne bote qe flet eshte pjesetar i nje cirku rus. Ky elefant mundet te thote deri ne 20 fjali. Elefanti ka jetuar qe ne vogeli mes njerezve dhe ka arritur te artikuloje tinguj njerezish.
10. Burri me i shkurter ne bote eshte Gul Mohammed nga India. Pas matjeve te bera me 19 qershor 1990 ne spitalin “Rahm Manohar” te New Delphit (In), u arrit se ai eshte vetem 57 cm dhe mban deri me sot rekordin.
11. Si gruaja me e vogel ne bote deri me sot eshte konsideruar Pauline Musters, e lindur ne 26 nentor 1876 ne Holande. Mbas lindjes se saj, ajo ishte vetem 30 cm. Ne moshen 9-vjeçare ajo ishte 55 cm dhe peshonte vetem 1,5 kg, ndersa ne moshen 19-vjeçare ajo arriti vetem ne 61 cm e gjate.
12. Shteti qe konsumon me shume buke ne bote eshte Turqia. Llogaritjet tregojne se mesatarja e çdo personi ne perdorimin e bukes arrin ne 199,6 kg.
13. Pijanecet me te shumte ne bote jane ne Irlande. Çdo personi i takon te pije mesatarisht 12,3 liter pije alkoolike, vere, birre etj.
14. Duhanxhinjte me te shumte ndodhen ne Kine. Sipas llogaritjeve te fundit, ne Kine jane shitur 1,69 bilione cigare (me shume se ne çdo vend tjeter). Ne gjithe boten jane shitur 5,5 bilione cigare.
15. Operacioni me i gjate ne bote ka zgjatur 96 ore gjithsej. Ka nisur ne daten 4 deri ne daten 8 shkurt te vitit 1951, ne nje spital te Çikagos. Pacientja Getrude Lewandowski mbas operimit kishte reduktuar peshen e saj gjate ketyre 96 oreve, nga 280 kg ne 140 kg.
16. Rekordin per gjatesi per grate e mban Zeng Jinlian nga Kina. Ajo tashme ka vdekur, por rekordi nuk eshte thyer akoma. Ajo ishte 2 meter e 48 cm. (Ka vdekur me 13 shkurt 1982).
17. Rekordin per grate me peshe me te rende mban amerikania Rosalie Bradford. Ne janarin e vitit 1987 ajo arriti dhe kulmin e peshes se saj, me 544 kg.
18. Doktori me i ri ne bote eshte Balamurali Ambati, i lindur ne Amerike me 29 qershor 1977. Ai u diplomua ne Maunt Sinai SChool of Medicine ne New York City, me 19 maj 1995, ne moshen 17-vjeçare.
19. Binjaket me te rende ne bote jane vellezerit Billy Leoni, (lindur me 1946 dhe qe vdiq ne vitin 1979) me te vellane Benny LLoyd, po i lindur ne vitin 1946 dhe qe vdiq ne vitin 2001. Ata peshonin pas moshes 6-vjeçare, njeri 337 kg dhe tjetri 328 kg.
20. Si mamaja me e vjeter ne bote deri me sot mbahet Rossana dalla Corte, e cila lindi me 18 qershor 1994, ne moshen 63-vjeçare, nje djale.
21. Sipas studimeve me te fundit, nje mashkull harxhon mesatarisht 3350 ore gjate gjithe jetes se tij duke u ruajtur e qethur.
22. Kur thyhet nje xham disa copeza shperndahen me shpejtesi 3000 milje ne ore. Nderkohe qe shpejtesia e te tjerave eshte shume here me e vogel.
23. Ajsbergu me i madh i matur deri me sot ka qene me gjatesi 200 milje dhe gjeresi 60 milje, ai ka pasur nje siperfaqe me te madhe se Belgjika.
24. Dallga me e madhe e regjistruar deri me sot ka qene ne vitin 1971 ne ishullin Ishigaki, Japoni, me lartesi 85 m.
25. Ne nje nate te kthjellet, sipas astrologeve amerikane, çdo njeri mund te shohe jo me pak se rreth 2000 yje me sy te lire.
26. Vetem mushkonjat femra pickojne, nderkohe qe mushkonjat e seksit mashkull duan te “sorrollaten” ne zona te ndotura si keneta, etj.
27. Ne 1 kg limon ka me teper sheqer se ne 1 kg luleshtrydhe. Sipas dietologeve, eshte me mire qe limoni te konsumohet i shtrydhur ne uje.
28. Shteti me me teper rruge te asfaltuara ne te gjithe boten mendohet te jete Franca. Madje kjo eshte shenuar edhe ne rekordet Gines.
29. Nje shqiponje mund ta shohe prene e saj qe 3000 metra larg, nderkohe qe kuajt mund te qendrojne deri ne 1 muaj ne kembe.
30. Eshte vertetuar qe asnje person nuk mund te teshtije pa i mbyllur syte. Shkencetaret kane bere edhe eksperimente per kete dhe kane arritur ne perfundimin se eshte e pamundur.
31. Nga barku i vajzes 20-vjeçare nga Devoni Jugor, Angli, u nxor “topi” nga qimet e flokeve te saj te cilat i kishte gelltitur. Ai ishte i rende 2,5 kg. Operimi u realizua ne mars 1985.
32. Kompjuterat modern jane ndertuar duke u bazuar ne sistemin nervor, por edhe kompjuteri modern nuk i afrohet as nivelit te nje zvarritesi.
33. Nje njeri i rritur merr fryme afersisht 25 000 here ne dite. Kurse rreth 27% e ushqimit ne vendet e zhvilluara perfundon ne koshat e plehrave.
34. Eshte vertetuar qe mundesia per te rene rrufeja eshte 1 ne 600,000. Kur ndodh te gjithe njerezit nuk duhet te kene gjera te hekurta ne duar.
35. Mjalti mund te qendroje pa u prishur 3000 vjet dhe per kete arsye dylli i mjaltit perdoret per procesin e mumjazimit.
36. Video-lojerat i bejne femijet e trashe dhe agresive, nderkohe qe perdorimi i teper i kompjuterit orar pa orar u demton atyre qetesine nervore.
37. Shtepiaket tradhtojne burrat virtualisht. Ato jane te kenaqura me aktivitetin e tyre fizik dhe kerkojne nga “miku” i internetit kenaqesi shpirterore.
38. Rekordin e martesave e ka thyer nje 85-vjeçar, i cili eshte martuar plot 130 here. Ngjarja e pazakonte ka ndodhur ne Kenia, ku Ancentus Akuku ka deklaruar se i eshte dashur shume mund dhe diktature per te pasur familje te lumtur.
39. Nje amerikan kaloi nje jave ne burg per arsye se tre femijet e tij te vegjel ishin djegur nga dielli gjate pushimeve ne plazh.
40. Ndertimi i Shtepise se Bardhe ne Amerike filloi ne vitin 1792. Ne vitin 1800 presidenti dhe zonja John Adams ishin familja e pare qe jetuan aty.
41. Lotet eshte zbuluar se kane efekt qe te zhdukin bakteriet dhe te mbrojne syte nga infeksionet.
42. Ne gjuhen e njeriut gjenden 100 lloje damaresh per te shijuar. Ne sy gjenden 130 milione qeliza shikimi.
43. Krokodili eshte e vetmja kafshe qe vazhdon e zgjatet deri ne diten e fundit te ekzistences, centimetrat e saj ndryshojne nga muaji ne muaj.
44. Titaniku eshte anija qe konsiderohet si anija e pare gjigante ne bote. Kapaciteti ka qene 46000 tone, me gjatesi 268 m dhe lartesi 53 m. Mund te udhetonin 1343 udhetare.
45. Kenga me e gjate ne boten e muzikes mbahet himni sovjetik, i perbere nga 65 strofa. Ne maj te vitit 1987, nje moderator kanadez mendoi ta shtonte himnin, i cili brenda pak javesh rekordi arriti ne 689 strofa.
46. Nga nje operacion ne temth qe iu be nje pacienti ne Londer, kirurget hoqen afro 230530 gure te vegjel nga temthi i tij me madhesi 1,5 deri 15 milimetra.
47. Truri me i vjeter ne bote eshte gjetur nga arkeologet ne Torfmoor ne Florida. Eshte gjendur truri i nje 45-vjeçareje e cila kishte jetuar afersisht 8000 vjet me pare.
48. Poezia me e gjate ne bote u perfundua mbas 30 vitesh pune nga shkrimtari Jose´ Rumanzo nga Ecuador. “Perusia” perbehet nga 7 volume, me 5000 faqe gjithsej dhe nga 230 000 rreshta.
49. Syri i nje struci eshte me madh se truri i tij, nderkohe qe ne trurin e maceve ka me shume se 32 muskuj.
50. Eshte vertetuar qe nje ari i rritur mund te vrapoje po aq shpejt sa nje kale. Kurse breshka mund te ece me 10 km ne ore

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