Las Vegas shooting ; Rapper Kenny Clutch dead

A shooting and a fiery crash left three people dead in the neon heart of the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, and police scrambled to find out who triggered the carnage. The bloodshed closed the Strip for about a block and a half around some of its biggest draws, leaving tourists gaping at a wrecked Maserati, a burned-out taxi and four other vehicles. "First time in Vegas, and then, like, the whole thing, what you know from movies only -- I was shocked," Christine Gerstenberger, who was visiting the desert gambling mecca from Germany, said Thursday afternoon. She and her brothers debated going back to the hotel "because I'm totally scared," but "we're too curious," she said. See iReporter's video of fire One of those killed was Kenneth Cherry Jr. -- an aspiring rapper also known as Kenny Clutch -- his attorney Vicki Greco said. According to his Facebook page, Cherry is from Oakland, California, and lived in Las Vegas. Cherry's death was shocking, Greco said. "Out of everyone I know in the rapping industry, there is no way I would have ever, ever expected to find that he was shot on the Las Vegas strip in such an aggressive manner," said Greco, who said Cherry had two kids. "He didn't have a (criminal) record or a history. He was just a good kid trying to make it and be a good father."
Disa persona të armatosur të cilët lëvizini me një makinë Range Rover me xhama të zinj kanë qëllur një ditë më parë ndaj reperit Kenny Clutch i cili drejtonte një Maserati. Duke tentuar ti shpëtojë të shtënave ai e ka ka përplasur makinën e tij me një taksi, që ka marrë flakë. Si pasojë ka vdekur shoferi i taksisë, një pasagjer i tij si dhe shoferi i Maserati-t. Sipas mediave ndërkombëtare shkak për këtë krim mund të ketë qenë një zënkë në një kazino mes rapper-it dhe personave që ishin në makinën Range Rover. Ngjarja ka ndodhur pranë vendit ku në vitin 1992 u qëllua edhe rapper-i Tupac Shakur.

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