Cosmetics Company Forces Employees to Crawl in Public

A Chinese cosmetics company forces employees to crawl in public. Not everyone has the same thinking on motivating employees. A company in China recently took an unusual approach. Residents of Chongqing were surprised to see a bunch of well-dressed workers crawling on their hands and knees around the Liberation Monument. Many witnesses took photos of the bizarre scene and posted them on the web. The police quickly arrived on the scene. Reportedly, the minds behind a cosmetics company thought it would be a good training and motivational exercise to have employees crawl in public. The idea being for them to learn how to thrive under pressure. Law enforcement workers asked the group to leave and also criticized the training efforts of the company. Earlier this year, salesmen in Sichuan province, China were forced to run half naked down the street, after they were unable to reach their quota of business deals. Over 20 sales representatives had to run 51 degree Fahrenheit weather. The men ran 10 kilometers only wearing shorts, and the women ran five kilometers wearing thin clothes.

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