China broadcasts chilling footage of last moments of convicted murderers about to be executed

A notorious drug lord told how he longed for his mother in a chilling final interview - before being marched to his death live on Chinese television Burmese gangster Naw Kham was one of four death row prisoners paraded before news cameras in China today as they were escorted to an execution chamber in Yunnan province. State media broadcast live footage of the four foreign inmates, convicted of the murder of 13 Chinese fishermen on the Mekong river in 2011, as they were taken to be put to death by lethal injection today. The moment of death was not shown. n an interview broadcast in China beforehand, apparently recorded on February 27, Naw Kham looked upset as he said: 'I don't want my children to be like me. I am afraid of death. I want to live.' He added: 'I haven't been able to sleep for two days. I have been thinking too much. I miss my mum. I don't want to die. I have children. I am afraid.' . Kham came to nationwide notoriety in China following the slaughter of 13 Chinese sailors when their ships were stormed by armed men on the Mekong river in 2011. The bodies of the 13 fishermen were found inside two cargo ships, the Hua Ping and the Yu Xing, on the Thai side of the river in October of that year. According to China's Xinhua news agency, Kham and his subordinates launched an attack on the two ships together with Thai soldiers. News outlets in China confirmed Kham, Hsang Kham, from Thailand, Yi Lai, who is stateless, and Zha Xika, from Laos, were put to death by lethal injection in Kunming, Yunnan province Kham is believed to have been one of the most powerful warlords in the Golden Triangle comprising of Thailand, Laos and Burma, BBC News said. Liu Yuejin, head of China's anti-drug unit, told CCTV: 'Naw Kham is apparently a Buddhist. But his life has been dedicated to shooting, crime and murder. He is, by nature, a brutal killer with no regard for life.' The state media agency's coverage of the prisoners' execution also included the pre-recorded interview with Kham understood to have been recorded earlier this week, in which the feared gangster said: 'I miss my mum... I don't want to die... I am afraid.' After the men were killed by lethal injection, an online post from Yunnan province's Public Security Bureau read simply: 'Execution implemented.'

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