Coach chokes referee and linesman hit by a stone in Brazil (Internacional v São Defende)

The final of the Copa Sul dos Campeões, an amateur competition in Criciúma, Brazil, was mayhem. Internacional faced São Defende in the showpiece at the weekend, and, after Inter took an early lead, a collision of players on the edge of their box resulted with São Defende replying with their fists. A São player boxed an opponent to the deck and referee Edésio Weber was forced to issue his first red card of the day. But then ref Weber became his own worst enemy as he sent off Internacional's victim of the attack also. Cue craziness. Incensed at their teammates' dismissal, Inter's team hunted the ref down like a pack of wolves. The official managed to shimmy away to safety with the aid of his linesmen, but moments later he was gasping for air as, unbelievably, Inter's coach choked him. Somewhat incredibly, the match continued. That was until a stone thrown from the crowd flattened a linesman for several minutes, during which time he received a soda shower from another furious supporter. At the end, Internacional won the final 3-0, and according to local reports there were no complaints received by the police for violence at the game. The teams have, however, agreed to come together to pay for a damaged fence.

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